Ponti Rossi



It’s a simple story. A young man from Italy comes to the United States in search of opportunity. He learns new things, falls in love…and realizes that, amidst all the excellent dining in New York, there weren’t options for casual, quick, authentic Italian fare in the food truck scene.

So, after a brief return to Naples, Alessandro Capuano decided to come back, get the girl and give New York a taste of what he was used to back home.

This is how the Ponti Rossi food truck was born.

Literally meaning “red bridges,” Ponti Rossi is the neighborhood in which Capuano was born and raised. By choosing this name for his mobile culinary endeavor, Capuano is making a statement: Ponti Rossi is New York’s direct link – or bridge – to genuine Italian fare.

Ponti Rossi is not pretentious, it is not complicated – but it is good. Homemade pastas made to order, panini with fresh ingredients, simple salads and satisfying pastries…it is fast food that tastes like it took all Sunday to cook. Gluten free and vegetarian options will also be available.

In March 2015, Ponti Rossi started a partenership with Pastificio Garofalo, one of the most important producer of pasta in Italy. Also, Ponti Rossi will be serving cappuccino ed espresso thanks to Momento Italiano finest coffe.

Ponti Rossi proudly announce that the executive chef for the upcoming season is Gennaro Mazzella di Bosco, previously employed at “Il Corso ristorante” in Manhattan. 


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