Monty Breads


My family has been in the bakery business in Brooklyn for more than 30 years.  I moved out to  Long Island in the winter of 2007 and my wife and I soon realized that the breads we grew up on were no where to be found.  Good bread is a real comfort food for Italians and we felt that bringing the breads that we craved out to Long Island and sharing them with fellow Long Islanders would be a great idea.
We decided that the best way to get our product into the mouths and stomachs of Long Islanders would be through the farmers markets.  We started with one summer market in 2010 and we participated in  eighteen this past summer plus summer & fall festivals and  fall & holiday craft fairs.
It gives us great pleasure to share our breads and baked goods with people who have come to understand that bread is more than something to spread butter on or just to make sandwiches with.  As my wife always told me “Joe, if they taste  it they will love it too”