Langos Truck


greetings everybody

we would like to announce finally we are in business and we can proudly say we are one of a kind and the only langos truck in the streets of the big apple (nyc) .

for those of you who  already know what langos is:

we hope we can bring back good memories of one of europe favorite fair food or maybe you had it at the amusement park or in the market but regardless where you had it we know you loved it just as much as we did.that’s why we created the langos truck so none of us have to wait until we can go on vacation and eat it again.

and for those of you who never tried it:

we would like to welcome as well to meet and try a very popular street food speciality of hungary, the langos.

it is eaten fresh and warm  ,topped with sour cream and grated cheese ,doused with garlic water.the names comes from lang ,the hungarian word for flame.

langos is also very popular and known in austria , the czech republic , slovakia , croatia , serbia , and romania.

if you got curious enough ot just hungry  by reading this please don’t hesitate come to see us be the first one can serve you this european delicacy.


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