Traveling Vineyard

Bringing wine to the people

It was a beautiful day back in 2001 when we held our very first in-home wine tasting. Ever since that first tasting, our company has grown like crazy. Maybe it’s the great wine. Or the friendships. Or maybe people love trying wine in their home for free.

Whatever the reason, our story is still only beginning to unfold. But since the very first day our mission has been crystal clear.

By making tastings less stuffy, we hope more people will get the chance to see the possibilities in every bottle. Our Wine Guides are committed to bringing joy through a relaxed home experience that educates and demystifies wine. By going out in our communities and sharing our love and passion, we seek to build friendships and great memories along the way. Together we’ll sip, savor and change the way the world sees, tastes and shops for wine.