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About Twinn Palms Homestay Services

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Twinn Palms is a housing and management service company dedicated to providing comprehensive services to schools, host families, students and overseas partners. We ensure a safe and efficient process when dealing with homestays. With local support and in-field personnel, we have the resources to make the process of hosting a student comfortable, safe and easy. Twinn Palms’ Homestay Coordinators recruit, manage and provide support to schools, students and host families to ensure a rewarding experience for all participants.

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We Provide:

Host Home Programs

Palms works in conjuction with Homestay coordinators who reach out to the local school community, churches, and other resources to find the best possible homes for each school’s international students. We take into account personal preference of the students, cultural expectations, perform extensive background checks, home visits, etc. all to ensure the students are in the safest and loving homes to make their stay in America not only memorable, but truly educational.

It is our goal to place each student with a family that they will strive in all areas while they are in our care. Coordinators are assigned to an area and handle all students within their schools.

pilgrim dorm roomThey are responsible for reporting, home visits, and are compensated to ensure each student is looked after in a way that would only be acceptable for a child of their own.

Boarding Programs

Twinn Palms is dedicated to providing International students with a comfortable and nurturing environment in their “home away from home”. Students who choose to board will find the residential program to be completely comprehensive. With professional staff to assist with ESL needs, facilitate extracurricular actives, and guide the student throughout this experience. Students will find their stay enlightening, motivating, and most of all, very much enjoyable!

The Residence staff at Twinn Palms are:

  • Responsible for enforcing rules and regulations that promote a safe, healthy, and family-like environment for all residents.
  • Committed to the overall well-being of each resident. They work side by side with the school administration and faculty ensuring the proper development of the student.
  • Dedicated to work in conjunction with the school in providing the students with the best possible educational experience as well as assisting the students in building friendships in the Residence and in the school community.
  • Keen on assisting the student in America. Our staff will require extra study time in the building while ensuring the maximum effort to speak English in the Residence. The staff will plan activities to ensure the students receive great exposure to American culture.
  • Professionals with a variety of degrees and areas of expertise and experience.
  • Loyal to Twinn Palms Mission fostering a welcoming residential community.

In addition, in some programs Twinn Palms offers ESL assistance by employing ESL tutors as well as general academic tutors assisting in any academic needs the international student may have.